Because of the need to respond to the constant changes in society and culture, the Department of Japanese Language and Culture developed an interdisciplinary approach to language learning.  The department is committed to providing students with a solid foundation in language education and believes that a language department within a university should evolve along with the increasingly globalized world. It must train students to be adaptable and critical communicators. The department considers individual needs and development to be the basis of any education. Therefore, in addition to training students to be fluent in the Japanese language, the department believes it is also important to foster a deeper cultural perspective,to cultivate each students’ ability to think critically as an individual, and to utilize these basic understandings as a foundation for communication.

Our goal is to cultivate students to have a solid grasp of the Japanese language,who are capable ofintrospection, who think critically and independently,and who are able to creatively problem solve. We want to prepare our students to be well qualified for a diverse career within the Taiwan-Japan market.